Frequently Asked Questions

Who gets massage and bodywork?
In general, anyone can receive massage and bodywork. Athletes, office workers, students, EMS & law enforcement personnel, teachers, health care workers / caregivers, tradespeople, homemakers and even you!
There are some medical conditions that may require changes to the type of massage used (recent injury or surgery, pregnancy, osteoporosis, skin rash, etc), or in some cases may make a massage session a poor choice (acute systemic infections, recent stroke, uncontrolled hypertension, etc), but otherwise anyone can receive some form of massage and its benefits!

Aren’t massages just for pampered housewives?
In short, NO! While a relaxation massage session can certainly be pampering (and why not, eh?), there are many reasons to receive regular massage or bodywork – including health, wellness, and functional benefits far beyond mere relaxation. Every massage session is different, and if all you need or want is for your legs to stop hurting so you can get back to work, or for your headaches to ease up – that kind of session can be arranged. You don’t have to get a full body relaxing massage to feel better, but it doesn’t hurt! ;)

What are some reasons to consider a massage or bodywork session?
You have recently been injured or had surgery (ask your doctor first)
You have muscle aches and pains, headaches, back aches, etc.
You participate in sports, exercise or other physical activities
Your work requires a lot of lifting and/or bending
Your office chair /desk is not comfortable or ergonomically sound
You wish to celebrate a milestone or other event in your life
You have clicking and popping in your jaw, and/or earaches
Your bed is not comfortable or you woke up with a “crick” in your neck
You just moved house or are in the process
You have numbness, tingling, or shooting pains in your hands, arms, or legs
You wish to correct poor posture
You are under stress at work, school, or home
You are pregnant or have recently delivered.
You wish to compliment your chiropractic care (helps adjustments last longer)
You wish to connect with your body in a deeper way
You are a massage therapist! Trading sessions is a possibility too. ;)
You just like to be rubbed!

What is a massage session like?
Though massage therapy can seem intimidating to the modest among us. Rest assured, a professional massage therapist will insure your total comfort and relaxation. Your body will be draped with a sheet and/or blanket as you relax on a padded table with fresh linens, cushions and a face rest for support; the room will be comfortable and quiet, with soft light and music setting a tranquil mood. The therapist will rub, press, and knead your body in a non-sexual fashion, usually with oils and lotions made just for this purpose. Scented candles, diffusers or essential oil inhalations may be used as well (so let your therapist know if you are allergic!) to enhance your state of relaxation and comfort. After a massage session, most people report that they feel very relaxed and experience some relief of the aches and pains that can build up over time. Massage also often provides an energy boost that can last for several days.

How will I be touched in my session?
In your massage session I will generally touch you with my hands, but depending on what kind of work you are receiving, I may also use my forearms, elbows, hot or cold applications (cool gel packs, warm towels, etc) and /or specially designed tools to help work out tight spots and relax you. The pressure and speed of the strokes used to massage you will vary as needed to treat your “tissue issue” or to suit your comfort level. Everyone is a little different and massage therapists aren’t mind readers (usually!) so feel free to express your wishes as you are receiving treatment. This will help me fine tune what I’m doing for the best effect so that you enjoy it as much as possible!

Do I have to be naked during my session?
You may undress to the level of your comfort, and you will be draped with sheets and or blankets to suit your modesty and comfort level, but in general the less material in the way between your body and the therapists treatment, the better for you.

Where can I receive a session from Bear Paws Massage?

  • In your home – a popular choice for those who enjoy relaxing in their own environment and don’t want to have to drive in traffic after paying to be relaxed!
  • In your hotel room – if you are just passing through and the stress and strain of travel and work are a pain in your neck (or back, etc) or you just want to enhance your vacation stay, I can come to your room and perform your massage there, without you ever even having to put your shoes on! I have portable music for mood, or you can listen to your own music if you have your own player.
  • At your place of business – With the permission of the manager or owner, I can bring my massage chair to an office or other place of business and provide a stress relief break for you and your co-workers. Ask around and see if anyone would like such a visit! I’ll be happy to set up a day and time.
  • At special events in the New York area and around the country.
  • In Atlanta, GA by special arrangement!

How much for a “happy ending”/erotic massage?
While massage is certainly an intimate experience, I provide legitimate professional bodywork services only. Legitimate massage professionals do not engage in erotic services for hire, and you can expect to pay much more than my reasonable rates for such services from those that offer them. ;)

Certified and /or licensed massage therapists attend classes for months and even years to learn their profession, at rates that are similar to the cost of attending college classes for the time spent in school. Why would someone spend so much time, energy, and money in order to work in the “oldest profession” when entering that profession doesn’t require a credential?

Rule of Thumb for erotic massage: If you’d have to pay me for it, you can’t pay me enough!

Is massage a substitute for medical or chiropractic care?
No it is not! There are many conditions that massage is not intended to treat, however massage can work well to compliment either chiropractic or medical care as part of your overall health care plan. Ask your physician or chiropractor if massage might be right for you.

I don’t think massage is for me, but I bet my partner / relative / friend / co-worker would like one.
No problem – massage makes a great gift that really leaves an impression. A meal out or trip to the movies is nice, but will rarely stand out in your loved one’s memory for long – give them a new favorite experience (or another helping of an old favorite)! I sell gift certificates for massage and will gladly mail them to the recipient on your behalf – or to you if you prefer. Contact me and choose the right gift session for you and yours.

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