“I’ve been getting massages for over 20 years and it’s always great to find someone who is both able to give a really good-quality massage and who has great energy. Mikey is both, and I’ve really enjoyed having him work on me for the last few years. He always “listens” to my body and knows how to undo whatever I’ve done to myself, yet is always open to comments or suggestions. I would highly recommend him.”

Chef Mike McCurdy, CPC – Stone Mountain, GA

“As a tech head, I have issues with neck and back stress. Mikey is instrumental in helping me control these issues so I may keep my business growing.”

Scotty D.; Internet Marketing Consultant – Cumming, GA

“Mikey is a total massage genius. I had problems with range of motion in my left shoulder from being a musician. After one session, my shoulder already feels better and moves more than it did before. Mikey was totally professional and immediately made me feel at ease. It’s obvious from the start that he knows what he’s doing and has been highly trained in the field. I couldn’t imagine a more relaxing massage. Thanks Mikey!”

Chris Wolfe – Ruskin, FL; musician, music teacher

“I’ve been struggling with a chronic sciatic nerve pinch and repetitive strain injury for years. I’ve been to chiropractors, tried acupressure and acupuncture, and a variety of physical therapists. Nothing alleviates the pain for any longer than an hour or two. I had two hour-long sessions with Mikey Hope over a period of four days, and I experienced little to no pain in all that time. Mikey is a miracle worker, and you can quote me on that.”

Kevin Quigley – Boston, MA; unpublished novelist and administrative assistant

“Mikey was my first professional message session. I’ve had casual backrubs that, though they felt good, didn’t really resolve any of my tension. He deftly worked on my neck and shoulders, and located the knots and they evaporated immediately. I was a mass o’ puddin when he was done with me. I only wish I had splurged for the full hour.”

Stephen S. – Allen, TX; Classical Guitarist, Fire Juggler, and Help Desk Rep

“I’ve been under extreme stress for a while and I went for my first massage after hearing all of my co-workers talk about them, I figured maybe it was something to check out. I got a hold of Mikey, I was very impressed the way he explained everything that was going to happen. I must admit being a “massage virgin” I was a little bit nervous between that and being shy. After just a few minutes I was so relaxed. The hour on the table was amazing. I hope I can afford to get myself on a regular schedule my body hasn’t felt that relaxed in years! I highly recommend Mikey’s professional touch and kind nature.”

Bryan Ott – Kennesaw, GA; bott30152@gmail.com

“[Mikey] gives the most thorough and deeply satisfying massages I’ve ever gotten”

Chris M. – Duluth, GA

“What a GREAT massage it was!!! Sooooooooo much better than the one I had at the Spa…that one was a gift from someone. It was good for that, but this afternoon’s was well worth paying for!”

Jeff. F. – Stone Mountain, GA

“Last september when I came home for vacation from germany/iraq, I had Mr. Hope give me a deep tissue massage. It was wonderful. He really knew what he was doing and worked the places that were bothering me without me even having to tell him which areas they were. During the whole process he periodically checked to make sure I was comfortable and that he was not causing any unnecessary pain. He is very professional and courteous. I felt at ease during the whole thing.”

John K. – Tokyo, Japan; johnspiff@gmail.com

“Mikey has been giving me massages from way back when he was in school, and always does an exceptional job. He is very good at finding and relieving the stress and pain of the areas I am having the most problems with and is very attentive and thorough.”

Todd K. – Lilburn, GA

“I’ve gone to Mikey for a few sessions over the years (usually once a year when he passes through Chicago), and I have to say that regardless of the amount of time I’ve purchased, he’s made the experience wonderful. He’s a knot-seeking, relaxation-inducing artisan. He communicates well, making sure everything is going well. The overall experience is fantastic, ensuring I’ll be a return customer whenever he passes through my city.”

Tim Peacock – Chicago, IL

“What a great hour long massage. Mikey really knows how to work those knots and stress out for you. Totally professional–was just a super experience. He created a nice ambiance with music and scents, and hit all the pressure points in a comfortable way. I am making this a regular event. There is nothing like the feeling you get when he is done. Your body feels very relaxed —words really can’t describe it. Thanks Mikey!”

Scott, Creative Artist – Atlanta, GA

“I have been a client of Mikey’s for several months now. He is such a professional, and really asks a lot of questions about how you are feeling before, during and after the session. I appreciate that he takes the time to find out about your trouble areas and working on those areas.

I would highly recommend him as a LMT. Not only is he good at what he does, but he’s also a really kind person, and his customer service is excellent.”

TJ G. – Smyrna, GA

“Mikey is a blast. He always makes you feel comfortable, an important fact when you consider all the therapists that place your hands on you before even saying hello. I’ve teased him about that little bag he carries around, but it’s a testament to his attention to detail in all environment. He’s been able to turn a hotel room into a wonderful personal space, and even an old conference table, into a restful slice of heaven.

He is truly a treasure.”

Carlos D. – Chicago, IL

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  1. Jeff Rockcub says:

    I must say that the massage I had at Mega Bearapalooza ranked in the top three I have ever had! I play a lot of guitar and drive a lot so my upper shoulders and back were a mess by the time I got to GA. My entire weekend was made that much better by spending an hour getting a full body massage. I was relaxed all weekend. if you haven’t had the honor of having Bear Paws on ya, then you are missing out. I now know what it means to feel like jello, and it feels grrrrrreat!

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